Village of Brookfield

Brookfield_nobackThe Village of Brookfield was first established in 1893 as the Village of Grossdale. In 1905, the village’s name was changed to Brookfield.

Township Government

Aside from municipal, county and state government, another unit of government in the state are townships.

  • The Village of Brookfield resides in three townships, with the majority being in Proviso, followed by Lyons (south of the tracks) and Riverside (Hollywood neighborhood).

The Role of Township Government

Illinois’ Township Code (60 ILCS 1/85-13) outlines the powers granted to township government. In general, townships help provide revenue to fund the following services:

  • Public safety, such as law enforcement and fire protection
  • Environmental services, such as sewage disposal and sanitation
  • Public transportation, such as transit systems, streets and roads
  • Health
  • Recreation
  • Libraries
  • Social services for the poor and aged
  • Development and retention of business, industrial, manufacturing and tourist facilities within the township

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