The 2019 Spring Legislative Session officially concluded Sunday, June 2. Here are highlights from the successful bulk of reforms:

  • Passed progressive income tax amendment to be put on the 2020 ballot. Passage of referendum in 2020 will create a graduated income tax structure in which single and joint earners earning at or above $250,000 will contribute more in taxes. Moreover, 97% of Illinoisans will pay either the same or less in taxes. The state will be expected to collect roughly $3 billon in additional revenue if passed next year. More info can be found here.
  • Passed recreational marijuana and reformed the criminal justice system
  • Raised age to buy tobacco and nicotine products to 21.
  • Passed expansion of gaming
  • Launch of a property tax review committee to identify ways can alleviate property tax burden.
  • Expanded reproductive rights of women
  • Strengthened the purchasing power of middle class workers by raising the minimum wage to $15.
  • Launched major capital funding plan to help restore and maintain Illinois infrastructure.